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So what's to know about Goodness Gracious Grooming? Well first and foremost, your dog is our priority. As dog lovers ourselves, the safety and well being of your pet is of utmost importance to us. At goodness Gracious grooming, we've taken the time to learn our trade properly. Our groomers are fully qualified, certified and endorsed by the Irish Professional Dog Groomers Association and fully trained in animal first aid. When you choose Goodness Gracious Grooming as your dog groomers, you can trust that your dog is in the best of care. Our calm and gentle approach toward the dog grooming process means that your dog will have the best possible pampering experience and will want to come back to us time and time again.

Your Consultation

When you bring your dog to Goodness Gracious Grooming it's important that we get to know your dog and understand your grooming requirements. We will ask you a series of questions in order to determine what we need to know about your pet and any special requests that you might have outside of our normal grooming process. Once we understand these needs we will be able to apply the appropriate styling and products to your pet. As part of our thorough grooming process, we carry out a visual health check on your dog and will communicate any findings to you.
Regular health checks will make sure your dog stays happy and healthy. When groomed your dog will feel more comfortable and will repay you with more love and affection, making the bond between you both all the stronger.

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Making Your Dog Fabulous

Each time you visit Goodness Gracious Grooming, we will bath your dog using the best quality shampoos which are appropriate to the condition and requirements of your dog's skin and coat. We will then groom your dogs coat in accordance with your requirements and what we have recommended to you during your consultation. This process not only removes dirt, debris and parasites but also promotes circulation, condition and appearance. The infamous 'dog smell' will be removed and your dogs coat will replenish its natural oils and experience new growth, making for a full rich, well conditioned coat which looks fabulous. This in turn will reduce the risk of common skin complaints and the inevitable scratching and licking that goes along with them.

Make Your Dog Fabulous

Every Dog Is Different

At Goodness Gracious Grooming, we know that much like people, no two dogs are the same. Depending on you dog's breed, it's coat, it's lifestyle and yours as well as numerous other factors which will be determined during your consultation, your pet's coat can be trimmed or clipped using scissors and clippers to both shorten it and achieve the required style. We will also clean your dog's ear and trim their nails as part our service.

We would encourage you to visit on a regular basis to keep your dog's coat trimmed, tangle free and free from parasites.

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