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We Care

First and foremost at Goodness Gracious Grooming, we're dog lovers. Big, small, fat, thin, shaggy, wiry, cutie or just plain mutts; we love them all. If we didn't there's no way we would do what we do. Dog Grooming is our passion and we understand that you want your best friend to be looked after and to look their best and that's exactly what we want to do for you: Look after your dog and help him or her look their very best. We care very much that you want the best for your dog and it's our job to provide you with the best dog grooming service.

Qualified Professional

As professional dog groomers, we at Goodness Gracious Grooming take our skills very seriously. Our Groomers are fully qualified and recognized by the Irish Professional Dog Groomers Association. They are all trained in how to handle an animal in a gentle and calm manner to give them the best possible experience during their grooming. Sure, anyone can pick up a scissors and cut hair, but that is not grooming. You wouldn't trust anyone who isn't a barber or hair-dresser to cut your hair, would you? Your dog should be no exception.

Our Salon

Our dog grooming salon at Shenick Veterinary Clinic in Skerries, County Dublin is equipped with not only the best dog groomers and dog grooming equipment, but also the best of dog grooming shampoos, conditioners, treatments and tonics to get your dog's coat looking its very best. A dog's skin is sensitive so it's very important to use products specifically formulated for dog grooming. People shampoos and conditioners should never be used to wash or groom your dog; they are harsh on the dog's skin and strip the essential oils from the dog's coat. When you choose Goodness Gracious Grooming you can be assured that your canine companion is receiving nothing but the best products on the market today.


We want you to be assured that your dog is in the very best hands at Goodness Gracious Grooming. It's important to us to gain the trust of both you, the owner, and your dog. That's why we're fully insured and will not take on a dog that we do not think we can handle. A situation like this is not only dangerous for the dog groomer but also for the dog, not to mention a traumatic experience for all involved. It is our intention that the dog enjoys it's grooming experience and that getting their dog groomed is a positive experience for the owner also. We want our clients to be delighted with the job we do and for the dog to feel good after it's grooming experience.

Why Get Your Dog Groomed?

Let's face it, you don't really want to hug and lavish attention on a stinky dog. A clean, well groomed dog gets more human interaction and that's very important for the dog as a member of your family. Regardless of the breed of dog and the length of it's coat, regular grooming is not only more hygienic when the dog is in your family home but it also has a number of health benefits for the dog itself, in fact, it's just as important as the food and water you provide it with everyday. Have a read of just some of the benefits here and when your dog needs grooming you can contact the experts at Goodness Gracious Grooming.

Let's Get Your Dog Groomed

Fresh Smelling

Dogs probably don't like smelling bad anymore than you do. More importantly, no one wants to have that "dog smell" in their house. The mistake people make is that they assume the "dog smell" in the house is just part and parcel of dog ownership and that it arrives in the house soon after they get the dog. It doesn't have to be this way. A regular grooming will keep the dirty "dog smell" off your dog and out of your house.

Reduce Shedding

Another assumed consequence of having a dog in the family is the hair, drifting across the floor like tumbleweeds, stuck to the couch and your clothes, not to mention the back of the car. Regular grooming removes most of the loose hair during the blow drying and brushing processes. We also offer de-shedding treatments which will dramatically reduce the amount of loose hair your dog leaves behind. Of course, depending on the dogs coat this treatment will only last so long.

Avoid Matts

Matting occurs in a dogs coat when balls or hair become knotted together. Longer haired dogs are particularly susceptible to mats. This knotted hair can be painful for your dog as it pulls the skin tight and left untreated can lead to skin ulcers and abrasions. Mats are very difficult to remove and usually have to be shaved off. Regular grooming will prevent mats occurring in most cases.

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