Dog Grooming Services

The type of dog grooming services that we offer will vary based on the breed and age of your dog as well as the condition of his or her coat. With this in mind we offer you a free initial consultation. The purpose of this for us to get to know you and your dog, to decide with you which of our dog grooming services you wish to avail of and allows you the opportunity to let us know any special requirements you might have for your dog.


At Goodness Gracious Grooming, we love getting to know our clients and their dogs. We encourage you to drop by and say hi to us. We would love to meet you and your dog and to speak to you about what dog grooming services we have to offer. Feel free to drop into us at Shenick Veterinary Clinic in Skerries, Co. Dublin. We always have your pet's best interests as our priority, as such we would be delighted to answer any questions or concerns you might have and discuss the best options for your dog.

A Full Grooming

This is the Rolls Royce package of our dog grooming services and is the most popular of our clients choice at Goodness Gracious Grooming. Our fully qualified, professional groomers can tailor your dogs haircut to their lifestyle or to your specification. We also specialize in breed trims. Whatever choice of haircut you make, we will bring out your dogs character and make them look and feel fabulous.

Trim and Tidy

It's all about the details and sometimes all your dog will require is a trim and tidy up. A bath, a trim and a brush will help keep your dog's haircut looking crisp and fresh. We will tend to those extra hairy and scruffy areas to help keep your pet looking and feeling fabulous.

Just a Bath

Keeping your dog clean is always good for the health and well being of both your dog and your family. A good bath is like a tonic for your dog's coat and skin; it really does do wonders. Goodness Gracious Grooming use only specially formulated dog shampoos and conditioners that not only clean your dog, but also restores the shine and condition to their coat.

Puppy Pampering

It's not just grown up dogs that love to feel fresh and fabulous. Goodness Gracious Grooming also offer our dog grooming services to puppies. For Puppies aged 2 - 4 months our puppy bath and trim is a great way to get your new dog used to the grooming process. A nice warm bath with puppy shampoo and a gentle blow dry and brushing will have your puppy feeling pampered in no time.

De-Shedding Option (Can be added to any of our other dog grooming services)

Nobody likes dog hair all over their house and car. But brushing down the sofa and chasing dog hair tumbleweeds across your floor can be a thing of the past with our GGG de-shedding option. We use specialist shampoos and solutions that help to loosen dead hair and undercoat. We follow this up with a good blow dry and brush. This will dramatically reduce your dog's shedding and help you keep the house and car dog hair free zones.

Goodness Gracious Grooming - We will make your dog look and feel fabulous.

Our goal is to have your dog feeling fresh and fabulous and for you and your dog to leave our salon feeling delighted with your dogs new style and totally satisfied with our dog grooming services. Why not contact us to arrange your appointment today.