Welcome along to the Goodness Gracious Gallery.

Here we post photos of just some of the dogs we've helped to look and feel fabulous. Feel free to have a sniff about and check out some of our professional grooming work in the gallery. You might just see someone you know!
It is our policy to get the owner's permission before we post photos of their dog in our gallery. If you've had your dog groomed by us recently and would like to have it featured in our Goodness Gracious Gallery, please let us know. You can always email us a photo that you like. If you're dog is already featured here and you're proud as punch when you see a photograph of them looking fabulous, perhaps you'd like to send us a few comments that we can use as a testimonial. Customer feedback is vital to the way we run our business and to our philosophy of constantly improving our customer experience here at Goodness Gracious Grooming.