Covid-19 Changes

The recent worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic has changed a lot of the things we've taken for granted in the past. Social Distancing and protecting ourselves is going to be a feature of our lives for much longer than we would like. As a business, our duty of care is to you, our clients and our staff and the animals we look after during this time. While we are delighted to offer you the same great service we have always been driven to provide, there's no doubt now that it must be delivered in a way that protects us all. Here are a few simple Notices and Rules that will help everyone stay safe and get things moving back towards normality when getting your dog groomed with us.


We're not going to lie, the phone has been ringing constantly asking us when we'll be back, and we're delighted to be back working from May 18th. We have a amazing book of regular clients who are always our priority and we are doing our best to fit in as many as we can alongside the restrictions we're obliged to enforce. If you have not called and got a confirmed appointment, don't drop in on the 'off-chance' that we can squeeze you in, due to new processes put in place for your protection as well as our own, there are a reduced number of appointments each day. Please ensure you call first! You can find our contact details by clicking here

No Chatting on Arrival

As much as we love a good natter, we are operating with another business and so must keep the number of people in the waiting area to a bare minimum at all times. Any specific requirements for grooming your dog will need to be discussed fully when booking your appointment. Please restrict all inquiries to our communications channels or social media and not by dropping in.

Your Health and Ours

If you or a member of your immediate family is currently or has been feeling unwell, please respect the safety of our staff and clients by canceling your appointment. We'll make sure to help you re-arrange this as soon as possible. Thank you.

On Arrival for Grooming

Please note that there is strictly NO ENTRY to the groom room. A slip lead will be provided outside the groom room for your dog. You can apply this lead to your dog and remove your lead and collar, bringing it home with you. We will take your dog in to be groomed once this has been done. This will minimize contact time for all concerned. When you return to collect your fabulously groomed dog, you can re-apply the dogs collar and lead and remove and replace our slip lead. Easy Peasy!


We always operate a 'Humanity above Vanity' policy. This means that we will NOT try to de-matt, heavily matted dogs. This process is painful for the dog and is cruel. In this case a short haircut is the kindest approach. It will keep the dog cool for the summer, and it's hair..... it will grow back!

Fully Compliant

Please note that for your safety and in line with best health practices for our industry, we are fully compliant in both: Pet Salon Pathogen Control - as outlined by the Irish Professional Dog Groomers Association and Pet Groomers Association Covid-19 operations, training and test certification.

At Goodness Gracious Grooming - We would like to thank you!

We would like to thank you for your loyalty and custom. Our goal as always is to have your dog feeling fresh and fabulous and for you and your dog to leave our salon feeling delighted with your dogs new style and totally satisfied with our dog grooming services. All this while maintaining social distancing and respecting the requests of our health care advisors and government officials.